Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President Nicolae Timofti conveyed a message on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Moldova’s Constitution adoption

On 29 July, Moldova celebrates the 20th anniversary of Constitution adoption. This event of special importance marked the end of transition period from a totalitarian system to a democratic one, providing mechanisms necessary to the operation of the rule of law state and defense of human rights and freedoms.

The constitution represents foundation of the rule of law and democratic state. It is the most important political and legal document that establishes the rights and responsibilities of citizens in relations with the state, as well as duties and responsibilities of state powers.

The new supreme law of the country reaffirmed democracy, civic peace, human dignity, free development of human personality, justice, rule of law state and political pluralism as supreme values.

I note with satisfaction that in our country, constitutional democracy has proved viability. Presently, there is a national consensus on supremacy of the constitution, which demonstrates the maturity of political establishment, as well as evolution of civic consciousness.

In terms of achievements, we can mention adjustment over 20 years of all laws to constitutional norms. Given that the Constitutional Court decisions, stating unconstitutionality of certain legal rules, have been executed, is a good example for functioning of rule of law state.

Presently, Moldova is involved in a comprehensive process of modernization of society by adjusting to the EU values and standards that proved efficiency by ensuring a high standard of living to citizens in the EU area. An important element of the process is judicial reform, which must have as purpose restoring public confidence in justice.

The signing of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement provides the necessary to reform law enforcement bodies in the country and to build accessible, independent and professional justice sector, meant to ensure supremacy of law.

In this context, observance of the constitution must become a standard of behavior for all citizens of the country, especially, for civil servants and politicians, but the young generation must be familiarized with the provisions of the supreme law in school.

Strictly applying the provisions of the constitution, we will manage to strengthen the state democratic institutions and will have guarantee of democratic future.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Moldova’s Constitution adoption, I convey to all citizens congratulations and best wishes of health and prosperity!.