Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president's message on New Year

Dear fellow countrymen,

In a few minutes, we will leave behind the year 2014, a year full of memorable events.

In a regionally complicated situation, we had achievements to remember of: the political association and economic integration between the European Union and Moldova, as well as the liberalisation of the visa regime to the European space.

These outstanding achievements at external level were possible thanks to day-to-day labour of each of you, stable political environment in Moldova and trust we enjoy on behalf of our Western partners.

We are on the good path and we will not stop half way. The next step is to ask for and get a clear prospect to join the European Union. 

The Association Agreement will produce important economic and social results, human freedoms and security benefits in the years to come.

In this respect, we must stay united and mobilised in our determination to modernise Moldova and institutions by working and responsibility in exercising the public act.

The latter is one of the messages that the voters transmitted to the political class during the recent parliamentary polls, of which the political decision-makers are obliged to take into account.

The new government, which is expected to take over the executive functions of the state in the near future, will have among the others the task to reduce the social differences and to give to people with fewer chances more chances. The equality of opportunity and social justice are our goals for 2015. 

We must keep step with our neighbours: Romania, which recorded remarkable performances in fighting corruption, and Ukraine, where far-reaching democratic reforms and institutional transformations take place.

And we also should solve the problems in the justice and remove corruption.

At the same time, we will continue works at the infrastructure, which we carry out together with our development partners, so that to improve roads, technical networks and public buildings.

All of us wish to have a fruitful year from all points of view, including in agriculture, sector in which preferential credits will also be provided for promoting products on the huge European market in 2015.

We must value these and other opportunities, in order to regenerate economy and create premises for re-employ citizens who return home from abroad.

Dear friends,

At the turn of the year, I convey you a good thought of health and good humour. I wish you welfare and happiness to your families. God protects us.

Happy New Year!