Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Message on Diaspora Days

Dear fellow citizens of the diaspora,

It has already become a beautiful tradition to send heartfelt congratulations to you every third Saturday in August on the Diaspora Days – it’s a time when we are closer to each other, when goodbyes soothe longings, and the key word is "home".

This year, more than ever, the need to strengthen thoughts, actions and all efforts to withstand trials has been emphasized. I note with great pleasure that the characteristic features of the Moldovan people, namely mutual aid and solidarity, which our ancestors still showed in difficult times, are defining today.

The global pandemic crisis has affected us all, no matter where we are, in the country or abroad. In these precarious conditions, I want to assure you that the state institutions have mobilized the forces to manage the situation as correctly as possible, to guarantee the safety of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the return to their homeland. I have every certainty that together we can be strong, together we can change things and together we can succeed in bringing things back to a riverbed of normalcy.

The voice of the diaspora, as it is well known, is a strong one, sometimes decisive. Let's work together to live better, let's communicate to identify solutions, let's dedicate ourselves to building the future!

In the context of the Diaspora Days let me reiterate the warmest and most sincere congratulations, along with wishes for health, many achievements, well-being and fulfillment. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for the diligence with which you promote national values and customs worldwide, but also for the substantial contribution to the creation of the modern state of the Republic of Moldova.