Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Message on Constitution Day


Congratulations on the Constitution Day of the Republic of Moldova!

July 29 is a memorable day in the modern history of our state. On this day, back in 1994, the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova was adopted – the basic law that was the foundation of our Moldovan state, guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms to citizens, determining the principles of the rule of law, its sovereignty and democratic development, strengthening civil peace and social harmony.

Today we worship the generations of forerunners of the Moldovan people – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, who, through hard work and self-sacrifice, back in 1917 pleaded for the Republic of Moldova and prepared a draft Constitution of the country. The building of the sovereign Moldovan state continued during the Soviet period. But the ideal of a state – a democratic, sovereign, and independent republic – only came true in 1988-1994, when numerous citizens, public associations, and political forces actively advocated for the state independence and adoption of the Constitution of an independent state Republic of Moldova.

On July 29, 1994, Moldova chose its future, formulated the democratic principles for the functioning of the Moldovan state and society. The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova solemnly proclaimed that the sovereign of power in the state was the people. According to the constitutional provisions, the Republic of Moldova is a democratic state, which must serve society, people and work for the welfare of each person. The constitutional text, I would like to point it out, contains several articles of direct action, which imposes a special responsibility on public authorities, which must ensure compliance with these provisions. Learning to live according to the Constitution is the highest school of democracy, a school that we must all master. Only the observance of constitutional principles and norms will ensure the supremacy of human rights, true constitutional justice, consolidating democracy, society and our state Republic of Moldova.

To honor the country’s Constitution means to be a patriot. Patriotism and civic responsibility start with the family, with care for your loved ones, for relatives and friends, for compatriots, for your homeland, for your country. It is very important to cultivate this understanding and attitude in the younger generation. And achieving this goal, we will be able to have confidence in the future, we will be able to constantly develop the Republic of Moldova, its national economy, implementing necessary social development projects and ensuring citizens a decent life based on respect for human rights.

It is known that the text of the Constitution is rigid, but it reflects the socio-political evolutions and the wishes of free citizens, being in line with the fundamental values of a democratic and open society. Undoubtedly, some articles of the Constitution must be drafted and concretized. In my view, it is necessary to revise and omit art.142, p.1 of the Constitution, which provides for the possibility of liquidating the state through the referendum procedure.

The Supreme Law is a fruit of the work of some outstanding personalities of our nation. In this festive context, on behalf of the entire people, I express my appreciation and gratitude to those who have drafted, debated, and voted the Basic Law as the main symbol and attribute of statehood, sovereignty and independence – starting point and reference for the national regulatory framework.

Reiterating my congratulations and best wishes, I would like to reaffirm my determination to do everything possible for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova to enjoy the rights guaranteed by the country’s Constitution, state institutions to act in accordance with the provisions of this Law, and our society to be one prosperous and flourishing.

Happy Constitution Day, dear compatriots!