Moldovan president attends forum on European path

President Nicolae Timofti today participated in a forum titled: “Moldova's European path – historic destiny, national destiny”. The event was carried out by former presidents Mircea Snegur and Petru Lucinschi, as well as members of the Parlamentul-90 association at the Palace of the Republic.

Timofti expressed confidence that at the 30 November polls, the citizens would vote for anchoring Moldova in a space of welfare, democracy and security.

The president delivered the following speech:

“Mr.president Mircea Snegur,

Mr. president Petru Lucinschi,

Distinguished audience,

I would like to congratulate Mr. Klaus Iohannis for his election as President of Romania.

I am sure that he will be able to make Romania stronger that it is today.

The relations between people from the two banks of the Prut river will get closer once election of Mr.Iohannis as president of Romania. I invite him to Chisinau in this respect.

Now, I want to welcome your initiative to mobilize our citizens, in the context of the European integration project.

History has given us another chance for us to row with civilized people from Western Europe.

Now, destiny of our country will be decided. Now, we will make the decisive step to the EU.

Hesitations remained behind. We must know to overcome divergences and contradictions and to have the strength to express the will to prosperity.

You know that presently, the democratic field from our country is used by some electoral contenders in order to manipulate and divert us from our country’s path to Europeanization, modernization of society and all its branches.

Attending this election ballot are political forces willing to return us to troubled past.

We have many personalities who in the 90s have fought for Moldova’s European dream.

Some so-called politicians are trying to attack the European foundation.

They are talking about Asian illusory and vain projects and are trying to destabilize our society.

They use the sovereign right to freely travel to Europe.

I am sure that on 30 November, the citizens will vote wisely for anchoring Moldova in a space of welfare, democracy and security.

A few days ago, the European Parliament ratified the Moldova-EU Association Agreement. Prerequisites appeared allowing us to submit an application on Moldova’s accession to the EU in 2015.

We must believe in our forces, our destiny and we will succeed.