Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president decrees 16 November as mourning day for Paris terror attacks victims

President Nicolae Timofti has signed a decree on declaring 16 November as mourning day for the victims of the terroristic attacks committed in France.  

"To commemorate the victims of the terror attacks committed on the night of 13 to 14 November 2015 in the capital of France, Paris, and as a token of deep sympathy for the French nation and solidarity with it, Moldova's president decrees: 

Articles 1 - the Day of 16 November is declared mourning day. 

Article 2 - On the day of 16 November 2015, in all the country's settlements, as well as at Moldova's diplomatic and consular missions from abroad: 

a) the state flags will fly at half mast;

b) the memory of the victims of the terroristic attacks will be honoured by standing silent for one minute. 

Article 3 - It is recommended that on the day of 16 November 2015: 

a) the public authorities, enterprises and organisations give up carrying out mass entertainment actions; 

b) the media institutions take into account the specific feature of the day when editing publications and creating programmes on this day."

The head of state laid flowers at the headquarters of the French embassy in Chisinau and conveyed condolences to Ambassador of France Pascal Vagogne.