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Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president awards Order of Republic to Romanian pan flute player

President Nicolae Timofti awarded the Order of the Republic to Romanian pan flute player and composer Gheorghe Zamfir at the state residence today.
The distinction was given to Gheorghe Zamfir by presidential decree on 15 May 2013 „as a token of high appreciation of distinguished merits for developing the musical art, for significant contribution to promoting the national cultural values and prodigious artistic activity.”
Timofti expressed admiration for Zamfir's masterpieces and wished him health and new professional achievements. „I awarded you the supreme Moldovan distinction for the craftsmanship you express, via the music, the soul of this nation. We feel that you are a man who loves and represents us,” Timofti said.
Gheorghe Zamfir thanked Timofti for awarding the Order of the Republic. „Following the first five concerts performed in Chisinau in 1990, on my way from exile to the country, I continued to be attached to people from here. Back then, there were ten days of tears, emotions and hopes, by the side of the greatest culture people, foremost of whom was the great and departed poet Grigore Vieru on the top. You may always count on my spiritual and human support, Mr. President,” Gheorghe Zamfir said.