Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President Nicolae Timofti attended a festivity dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the National Army

President Nicolae Timofti today attended a festivity dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the National Army.

At a military ceremony, after being presented a report by the commander of the National Army, Brigade General Igor Gorgan, Nicolae Timofti, as Supreme Commander of the Army, accompanied by Defence Minister Valeriu Troenco, reviewed the troops aligned on the platform of the Defence Ministry.

Timofti congratulated all servicemen who served the country at present, as well as those who carried out their military professional duty.

Nicolae Timofti gave a speech highlighting that the National Army’s anniversary was held on the background of a degradation of security in the region.

„The dangerous evolutions in Ukraine confirm once again the need of a professionally well-trained army, ready to deal with any external dangers. This situation prompts us to set new requirements regarding the professional training of the components of the National Army. It is crucially important to create power-wielding forces that are to meet the needs and requirements of the new security environment,” Timofti said.

Nicolae Timofti welcomed the changes made in the National Army over the past period, within which a large-scale process of strengthening the capacities to exercise the constitutional missions was under way.

Timofti praised the performances of the Moldovan servicemen who participated in various missions and operations at international level.

Timofti spoke out for continuing the process of professionalization of the army, in order to turn it into a modern institution of a state with European aspirations.

„As Superior Commander of the Armed Forces, I will further back efforts to transform the National Army into a structure able to carry out missions of defence of the state. The National Army must continue reforms, in order to make a qualitative, significant leap to professionalization. We must further invest in the professional training, equipment, as well as in the social protection of servicemen. But, all these also imply a high level of professionalism and much discipline on your behalf,” Timofti said.