Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Association Agreement with EU instrument to allow modernising Moldova

President Timofti met European People's Party President  Joseph Daul at the state residence today.

The head of state thanked the European Parliament and, in particular, the Parliamentary Group of the European People's Party and European Democrats, for its constant support to Moldova on its European integration.

"Due to funding by Western partners, the entire infrastructure of the country is currently under modernisation. The money provided by the European Union allowed the Moldovan authorities to initiate projects needed to ensure the country's energy independence, by building the Iasi - Ungheni pipeline. At the same time, the EU market liberalisation  for Moldovan products in the context of the Russian embargoes is a gesture of solidarity which the Moldovan people highly appreciate", said President Nicolae Timofti.

The sides discussed the parliamentary elections scheduled for 30 November.

European People's Party President Joseph Daul expressed confidence that the Moldovan voters would make the right choice, as they had made sure Moldova's aligning with the EU standards and values meant strengthening democratic institutions, assertion of the rule of law state, ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens and thus improving the living standards.

"Moldova has a European vocation. The Association Agreement with the EU, due to be ratified by the European Parliament on 13 November, is the tool that will allow modernising the country. The main beneficiaries of the agreement are the citizens of Moldova ", said Joseph Daul.