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Republic of Moldova

Ukrainian envoy ends diplomatic mission in Moldova

President Nicolae Timofti today met Ukrainian Ambassador to Moldova Serhiy Pirozhkov on the occasion of the end of his diplomatic mission in Moldova.

The head of state described the bilateral relations as excellent, in continuous development on the last period. He thanked the official for his contribution to boosting the Moldovan-Ukrainian collaboration.

Timofti reiterated Moldova's firm support for Ukraine's territorial integrity and welcomed the pro-European option expressed by the Ukrainian people at the recent parliamentary elections.

The president opted for deepening the political and economic cooperation at European level between Moldova and Ukraine, in the context of the two states' association with EU.

Pirozhkov expressed satisfaction with the current level of bilateral ties and highlighted the achievements recorded within the Moldovan-Ukrainian dialogue on border demarcation and mutual recognition of property rights.

The Ukrainian diplomat thanked for Moldova's constant support in terms of observing the territorial integrity of Ukraine, in the context of security environment degradation in the region.

Pirozhkov said Ukraine backed the Moldovan authorities' efforts for the peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, by providing a special status to the region and observing the country's territorial integrity.