Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President Sandu sets out Moldova’s new security agenda amidst regional turmoil

A new vision for Moldova’s national security makes a commitment to strengthen democracy, build a prosperous European country and ensure that all citizens are protected by a modern security sector.

The strategic document presented today by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, sets out European membership of Moldova as a national security interest and identifies hostile actions undertaken by Russia and deep-rooted corruption as two main persistent threats to the country. 

The document, which reflects European perspectives on security, was developed with the involvement of civil society and will be widely consulted with stakeholders before being approved by the Parliament later this year. 

Launching the approach in Chișinău today, President Sandu said that “The aim is to ensure that we can all live in safety and peace in a country which thrives economically and upholds integrity – a country less at risk of outside interference, less vulnerable. A modern Moldova, which forges its own future.”

Enhancing Moldova’s security sector has become increasingly urgent since Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine and the stepping up of its hybrid attacks against Moldova. 

The strategic document sets out a series of ambitious priorities for action, including building resilience to hybrid threats and the modernisation of armed forces and the civil security sector.  

According to the President, the national defence and security sector has been mismanaged, neglected and under-resourced for too long. President Sandu envisions addressing this by creating a modern, properly equipped, well-trained army, interoperable with other countries’ forces.

In order to achieve these goals, Moldova will strengthen its partnerships with the EU and its member states, including Romania, France and Germany, as well as with the United States, United Kingdom, and other NATO allies. 

The EU, in particular, is viewed as a platform for comprehensive security enhancement, spanning economic, energy, cyber, environmental and other dimensions. Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and full membership of European institutions remains key to Moldova’s national security. The vision also reaffirms the desire to see a peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict and the unconditional withdrawal of illegally-stationed Russian troops and munitions. In addition to Russia’s hostile actions and corruption, the document identifies climate change as a major threat to Moldova’s security.

According to the President, Moldova is determined to play a growing role as a reliable regional and international security partner. The country is already contributing to training of Ukraine's demining teams, is facilitating grain transit from Ukraine, supporting Ukraine’s economic resilience and aiding global food security. 

Moldova is also set to increase its participation in the EU and UN peacekeeping missions and civilian crisis management efforts, as well as aligning with the EU’s agenda to combat climate change. 

 Fulfilling the vision, the strategic document underlines the need to relentlessly uphold the values of representative democracy which is built on equality and freedom, as well as respect for human dignity and the rule of law. 

The draft of the National Security Strategy can be accessed here.