Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon presented new leadership to the SIS staff

Today, during an official ceremony, President Igor Dodon presented the SIS staff to the new Director of Intelligence and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova, Colonel Alexandru Esaulenco and the new SIS vice-deputy, Colonel Artur Gumeniuc.

The Head of State sent sincere congratulations to the new Service leadership, wishing success in realization of goals of the institution. Igor Dodon expressed belief that being professionals with huge experience they will be able to fulfill the defense mission of the Republic of Moldova.

As well, President of the country addressed to the importance of the fact that all of the bodies of force, including the Intelligence and Security Services, should be removed from the political influence and act only on the basis of the national interests of the Republic of Moldova, and the administration of the Service should be appointed only based on the criteria of professionalism and patriotism.

Also, Igor Dodon mentioned that each and every partner of the Republic of Moldova – as in East, so in West – has its own national interests, which, sometimes match with ours but sometimes don’t. The Head of State stressed the fact that we have to act basing first of all on our national interests and then we are going to be understood and respected as in East, so in West.